How it all began

Pepe Sage started out as a gathering of peace loving crypto community for meme enthusiasts and crypto lovers.

The first step

What it all means

Chapter 2

It means that PepeSage is aiming to solve the problems of existing cryptocurrency platforms by offering a fun and engaging user experience.


When it ends

Chapter 3

Building a strong community of meme enthusiasts that have attained the height of peaceful coexistence and providing them with an ecosystem where they can freely create, share and trade their favorite memes is definitely not where PepeSage ends. It is just the beginning.


Not so original

Chapter 4

In 1999, Lorem was approached by Bounty Hunter, a Japanese streetwear brand, to visit Japan. This trip led to the creation of Lorem' first toy, COMPANION. Produced in an edition of 500, the toys sold out almost immediately. COMPANION became a recurring figure in Lorem' work.



Skin in the game

Chapter 5

Produced in an edition of 500 COMPANION's, the toys sold out almost immediately. Donnelly took payment in stock of toys for this initial venture. The COMPANION became a recurring figure in Lorem' work, appearing in subsequent collections of toys, apparel, and paintings.



Create leverage

Chapter 3

Donnelly's current collection with the Japanese brand sees him redrawing beloved Sesame Street characters on a collection of T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and toys. All priced under $50, the pieces feature the tagline, ‘You’re never too old for the street’. Donnelly moved his store onto his own platform, shipping direct to the customer to maintain ownership over his business.




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For the pepe community


Of $PepeSage

Pepe Sage, born in a peaceful village, yearned for adventure and something beyond his tranquil life. Seeking inner peace, he embarked on a journey guided by his late grandfather's map. Traveling through mountains, forests, and cities, he learned from diverse people, absorbing their wisdom. Pepe discovered that peace resided within, attained through acceptance, self-awareness, and harmony amidst chaos. Overcoming challenges and facing his inner demons, he grew stronger, able to harness powerful thoughts. Finally, atop a mountain, he realized peace was within him. Returning home, he shared his wisdom, inspiring others to embark on their own journeys. Pepe became a revered figure, spreading tranquility and guiding others in their pursuit of peace.

THe first step

How it all began

Chapter 1

Trials of PepeSage

What it all means

Chapter 2


Where it ends

Chapter 3


Type: bep-20 on bsc, Name: PepeSage Token Ticker: $PPS Total supply: 10 Billion

  • Presale: 45%
  • Liquidity: 40%
  • Community: 5%
  • Marketing and CEX listing: 10%
  • Ca: 0xCeD6a67Ea4aDD8551c500dE5cF1fA3d9A8BB0C86
Let's fill in the gaps
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PepeSage story


Phase 1

Foundation and Platform Development

Q1 2022: Conceptualize Pepe Sage and outline the project's goals and objectives.
Q2 2022: Assemble a skilled team of developers, designers, and marketers.
Q3 2022: Conduct in-depth market research and competitor analysis.
Q4 2022: Develop the Pepe Sage platform architecture and design the user interface.

Phase 2

Token Launch and Community Building

Q1 2023: Launch the Pepe Sage token sale to raise funds for platform development.
Q2 2023: List the PEPE token on major cryptocurrency exchanges.
Q3 2023: Build a strong community through social media engagement, content creation, and influencer partnerships.
Q4 2023: Launch a comprehensive marketing campaign to raise awareness and attract meme enthusiasts.

Phase 3

Platform Enhancement and Expansion

Q1 2024: Continuously improve the Pepe Sage platform based on user feedback and market trends.
Q2 2024: Introduce new features such as meme battles, meme auctions, and meme creation tools.
Q3 2024: Expand the platform's meme library to include a wide variety of meme categories and themes.
Q4 2024: Collaborate with meme creators, artists, and influencers to enrich the platform's content.

Phase 4

Ecosystem Integration and Partnerships

Q1 2025: Forge partnerships with other cryptocurrency projects and meme-related platforms.
Q2 2025: Integrate Pepe Sage with popular social media platforms to enable seamless sharing of memes.
Q3 2025: Establish collaborations with meme-centric communities and forums to foster cross-platform engagement.
Q4 2025: Explore potential collaborations with brands and organizations for sponsored meme campaigns.

Phase 5

Global Expansion and Mainstream Adoption

Q1 2026: Expand Pepe Sage's reach to international markets and localize the platform for different languages.
Q2 2026: Develop a mobile application for easy access to Pepe Sage on smartphones.
Q3 2026: Implement fiat on-ramps to enable users to buy PEPE tokens with traditional currencies.
Q4 2026: Foster partnerships with payment processors and e-commerce platforms to facilitate meme-related transactions.

Our Team

Arsene Pepe


Pepe Pilot


Pepe Maxi

Head Of Marketing

Pepe Grinch

Community Manager